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Genealogy Utilities


Download GENKIT20.EXE (87k - self-extractring file)

Description:  DOS, FreeWare

Genkit 2.0 is literally a "toolkit" of information for the Genealogist.  Genkit was conceived and originally written by Richard Pence.  Versions 2.0 and later were modified and written by Ray Cox.  If I get caught up with all of my other projects, I might get around to writing a Windows version.

The following items are available in this version of GENKIT:


Abbreviations Henry Numbers
  * U.S. States & Territories   * Henry No. Relationships
  * Canadian Provinces & Territories   * Henry No. Equivalencies
  * World Country ISO Codes   * Henry System Information
  * Personal/Military Titles Land Measurements
  * Scholarly Degrees/Religous Orders   * Measurement Calculations
Ahnentafels   * Measurement Conversions
  * Relationship Between 2 Nos.   * Section Measurements
  * Chart No. for Ahnentafel Number   * Typical Township Layout
  * Ancestor Nos. by Generation Relationships
  * Sample Ancestor Chart   * Cousin Calculator
  * Ahnentafel Information   * Common Ancestor Calculator
  * Sample Ahnentafel List   * Relationship Chart
  * Tiny Tafel Information Research Helps
  * Tiny Tafel Example   * Frequently Used Addresses
Date/Calendar Info   * Census Info
  * Day of Week from Date   * Veterans Records
  * Date of Birth from Age Soundex Codes
  * Date Information   * Soundex Code from Name
  * Gregorian Changeover Dates   * Soundex Information
Help/Genkit Info
  * This index page
  * Programmer Info


Download SNDEX802.EXE (55k - self-extracting file)

Description:  DOS, FreeWare

Soundex Coder v8.02 is a simple yet powerful program which will help you manage your soundex list.  There are many programs which will return a soundex code for you, but Soundex Coder 8.02 is unique in that it gives you the opportunity to store and recall your master name list, and several ways of outputting your soundex information.

The soundex algorithm used in Soundex Coder 8.02 includes searching for repeated equivalents separated by W or H.  Census lists may or may not have included this extra search when soundex codes for names were determined.  Both codes are always included in all output by Soundex Coder 8.02, and an asterisk will mark the "second search" code when it is different from the first search code.

Soundex Coder was originally written by George Pardue.  Versions 8.0 and later were written by Ray Cox.